Using intimate stories from their marriage and research-backed concepts, combined with in-depth exercises and discussions questions, Kenyon and Taccara Martin help couples become a "Covering" for their spouse with four basic pillars: Safety, Security, Trust, and Empathy.

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"Few books will challenge your marriage to go this deep, be this vulnerable, or rise to this level of accountability."

Editor's Review Covered

We define marriage pillars as the upright, load-bearing structures that are designed to support the weight of your relationship. These pillars protect the relationship so that it is unmoved or unshaken by outside conditions. Without these pillars, the roof falls in, the foundation cracks, and the veil of your marriage is ripped from top to bottom.

"This book will provide opportunities for sensitive, and sometimes intense, conversations. At each juncture, you and your spouse will be given opportunities to matter to each other in ways that perhaps neither of you have dealt with before. We want you to affirm each other’s importance, feelings, and perspective through each conversation."


This book is for you if...

  • You're looking for ways to strengthen the bond of your relationship.
  • The foundation of your marriage has been rocked, and you're searching for a way to reCover your marriage.
  • You know something is missing in your marriage and you're not quite sure what it is.
  • You're ready for a change and you are ready to challenge your marriage to go deeper...

Each chapter, and their corresponding questions, have been designed to help you see yourself through the reflection of your spouse. Hearing your spouse’s needs is sometimes hard, but if you spend too much time being defensive, you will become deaf to your spouse’s needs, and they yours. Repeat this to yourself: “This book is for me.”

About the Book

From Pastoral Counselors, and Authors of the Soul-Ties Detox, Kenyon and Taccara Martin

With Covered you will learn how to become a place of refuge for your spouse in a way that allows them to explore and express who they are with you. It will challenge you to be open and real about areas in your marriage that often lay dormant until trouble arises. Packed with exercises and discussion questions for couples OR small groups, “Covered” is the definitive and practical guide for anyone who wants to Cover or reCover their marriage.

This Couples Combo includes 1-Book and 2-His & Her Workbooks for $30.00

The Couples Combo includes 2-Books and His & Her Workbooks for $45

The Couples Combo includes 2-Books, His & Her Workbooks and 4-Video/Audio downloads that dive into each pillar.

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About Us

Leveraging their education in Theology, Psychology, and Christian Counseling, Kenyon and Taccara Martin have designed counseling services, books, and virtual programs to help individuals and couples break toxic relationship habits, and learn the habits of healthy love. They are Gottman and are MBTI certified, using their knowledge, skills and research-backed concepts to help people overcome some of challenging relationship experiences.

They are the authors of 2 books, Covered for marriages, and Journey to Freedom, The Soul-Ties® Detox for singles. Kenyon and Taccara's resources have been used in singles ministries, small groups, and book clubs to help bring healing to local communities across the nation and abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

 No it’s not a devotional.  While this does provide opportunities for you and your spouse to connect and and have meaningful discussions, this should be considered more of a tool designed to support, strengthen or heal your marriage in all of its ups and downs…especially the downs. 

Absolutely! We encourage it.  Marriage small groups are a valuable resource for accountability, support and understanding. When this book, “Covered” is practiced in an environment  dedicated to Coverings, the entire group is impacted in a powerful way. No one finishes without being changed. 

Fantastic Question! There are hundreds, if not thousands of books about marriage out here. The majority of them are GREAT! So why don’t couples have voluminous libraries of these helpful tools? 
1. They don’t have the time.  
2. Many couples prefer learning marriage on the fly. 
3. Married couples don’t tend to seek resources until they’re desperately needed.  
“Covered” is different because it is a unique tool for marriages just beginning, seasoned or at their breaking point. The book is not intended to give you all of the answers in your marriage. It’s designed to help you BE the answer by focusing on four simple principles that if practiced by both spouses will enhance, help and heal any marriage. 

Of course you can, but we don’t usually recommend it.  “Covered” is a book designed to open the eyes of couples and change their minds about themselves, their spouse, and their marriage.  This book changes YOU. If this is not shared with your spouse, you run the risk of being the only one changed in your marriage. While that may help to a degree, it will not provide for a complete transformation for the whole marriage, because that takes both participants. 

We are asked this A LOT, and we greatly appreciate the consideration. In the past we offered couple’s counseling. What we’ve found is that normal couples coaching/counseling often take 6 to 8 weeks of sessions.  When couples come to us for help, they need it IMMEDIATELY. To answer that need, we are currently developing what we call Marriage Accelerators. These are 6-8 sessions, compressed into two or three days, within an intimate group setting. Continue to follow us, so that you’ll know when a 4 Pillars Marriage Accelerator comes near you. 

Whether it be mental, emotional or physical, abuse is a very serious infraction upon your covenant. We encourage safety first, especially in cases of physical abuse.  visit “thehotline,org/help/” or Call:1-800-799-7233 or 1-800-787-3224(TTY)

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